Hair Growth SERUM 4oz
Hair Growth SERUM 4oz

Hair Growth SERUM 4oz

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Castor Oil For Hair Growth and Healthy Looking Hair

Almond Oil- For Stronger Hair, Promotes healthy scalp for Hair Growth.

Neem Oil- Which reduces Dandruff on the scalp, Smooths Frizz, Minimizes Gray Hair.

Vitamin E Oil- Supports hair growth, Prevents Breakage, Boosts Shine and Elasticity.

GrapeSeed Oil - Adds Moisture and Definition/ Speeds up hair growth in thinning areas.

Brahmi Oil - Prevents Hair Fall, Promotes Healthy Hair.

Rosemary Oil- Helps dry itchy Scalp, and Prevents Dandruff

Avocado Oil- Moisture and Strengthens hair Strands

Peppermint Oil- Improves Hair Growth

ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS! 100% Natural, 100% Vegan



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